Changing the ceiling covering

There are no quick and aesthetic solutions when the headliner comes off in your car. On the old lining does not receive no glue. It is necessary to remove the complete ceiling from the car and clean it thoroughly (brush, cloth, air-compressor...). In the case of very sticky old foam, use a cleaner, thinner... It is important that the ceiling dries well before gluing. For gluing, use temperature-resistant glue BAPCO HSSA EDGE 500ml, which we refer to bilaterally on the ceiling and fabric. Adhesive consumption: 1 can for 2-3m2, respectively 2 cans for the ceiling. We glue the fabric (behind, below) over the edges approx. 2 cm.

Laminated fabrics for the ceiling they are available in different colors and with different linings (foam 4mm, felt, foam + fabric underneath) there are two fabric widths 1.5m and 1.7m. All fabrics can be used to make a ceiling and also pillars. Fabrics are cut to 0.5m.

Consumption: small car, sedan 2m station wagon, minivan 2.5m.

There are several methods for gluing, the temperature is important. durable glue, a well-cleaned ceiling and steady hands….

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