In our upholstery work, we were looking for a supplier, a manufacturer of innovative textiles. And we found it, too, and that's how it came to be quilted.eu

Innovative, different materials.

Different materials are available for different uses. Embossed textiles, embroidered artificial leather, laminated fabrics for car seats, ceilings ..

The program and stock are constantly updated, so that in the future there will be even more innovative textiles on our site. 


By agreement.

Personal collection of goods

Possibility of own collection of goods by prior arrangement at the address Pako 6, 1353 Borovnica.


Sedkon, Jernej Janželj sp Pako 6, 1353 Borovnica

+386(0)41 807 891


Quality innovative textiles

Various patterns and colors of textiles and artificial leather are available. 

You can choose the thickness and pattern of the material.

Larger quantities available on request.


Delivers reliable reliable mail to you.

Excellent quality

Manufacture according to EU standards.


Reasonable prices for excellent quality

Safe purchase

Purchases on our website are secure and your data is protected by an SSL online certificate.

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